Case Study: Identifying Seeds for New Product Ideas

For many years, JaM has helped in product development, by identifying idea seeds for new products and services. These Japanese clients represent a wide range of industries, whose products range from household goods, personal care products, technology, and social media services.

Not only do we track new products in the US market, but we present the big picture behind their emergence. By explaining the culture, market trends, economy, lifestyles, and generational realities of US consumers, we reveal the "why" behind the new categories, features and functions. This information provides critical clues for our clients, who rely on JaM for insights that are neither easily understood across cultures, nor available from online sources.

With these idea seeds that accumulate over time, new products are developed for US, Japanese and global markets. Our relationships with clients have been built over a long term, including one who we've enjoyed for more than 10 years.