Highlighting JaM’s April activities, we started with supporting the group visiting from Japan who attended ad:tech san francisco held April 3-4. We reviewed the key points and background of the sessions and enjoyed some in-depth discussions with everyone. Thanks for the great feedback — that we were able to explain some difficult content when listening in English, as well as providing insights into the US market. The photo below was taken at one of these after-hours, “unofficial ad:tech” sessions. Kao‘s Mike Homma and Sukedachi‘s Nori Takahiro also provided compelling explanations.

On April 26, Hisami made another appearance on “KEYMAN” on Ustream. The episode was titled “Today in Silicon Valley” and had abundant discussions about the latest news from the US withMother‘s Mr. Yasozumi and White Knight‘s Mr. Arai. One of the topics was about Facebook Fatigue happening in the US from a user’s perspective. Hisami will be in Japan until end of May, so please contact for F2F meeting requests.