We’re happy to see that JaM’s long time client Subaru, won top picks in Consumer Report’s 2015 Auto Spotlight with the following models:
Compact Car: Impreza
Midsize Car: Legacy
Small SUV: Forester

In addition, when Consumer Reports asked their 27,000+ Facebook followers, to “name the best car on the market today,” they chose the Outback as #1 and the Forester as #2.

Winner: Subaru Outback (25%)
Second place: Subaru Forester (24%)

Third place: Toyota Highlander (23%)
Honorable mention: Honda CR-V (17%)
Honorable mention: Tesla Model S (10%)
It’s twice as nice to see that both Consumer Reports, the leading source of trust for consumers when it comes to cars, and the general audience on Facebook, both chose Subaru. JaM has continued to work with Subaru headquarters in Japan to provide insights about lifestyles, values, behaviors, and life stages of US consumers, which is difficult to understand from a foreign perspective. There is no greater satisfaction for us as consultants that after many years, the results finally take shape — from product development to the final product — and to see their business come to fruition.