Case Study: Customized Market Research & Analysis

Topics we’ve covered in our custom research reports are as diverse and wide ranging as our clients’ industries. This requires that we leverage our strengths -- from being located in Silicon Valley, tapping into our network of industry specialists, to our experience in primary research involving one-on-one and group interviews.

For our Japanese clients, we’ve attended conferences and trade shows in the US on their behalf, particularly when distance, time and cost of attending themselves are difficult. We can connect directly with key industry people, and report about the latest news and trends.

We’ve also attended field research and conferences together with our clients, helping negotiate business meetings and providing consultation to maximize productivity within a limited time.

We understand the challenge of getting information online, or that information is not always available nor easily understood across cultures. Our research and analysis reports are always done with a US-Japan business perspective in mind, delivering a deeper understanding toward our clients’ business objectives.