More great news! AdAge wrote an article on Toshiba Smart Community‘s ongoing B2B global content marketing campaign.

The article introduced Toshiba’s B2B global marketing campaign using social media as a primary platform. The campaign was launched to raise awareness and re-establish the Toshiba brand as a B2B company, and to acquire global lead generation for the Toshiba Smart Community business. Toshiba also issued a press release in Japan about the coverage.

Toshiba’s digital marketing division at their Tokyo headquarters and JaM worked with gyro sf, a B2B agency based in San Francisco, also named the 2014 Global B2B Agency of the Year, as our creative partner. Focusing on the copy “Bring Life Forward,” we are supporting Toshiba’s global content marketing effort, with video and infographics currently under production. The Toshiba+JaM+gyro team is thrilled to get this mention!