It’s been a great pleasure and privilege for us at JaM to be working with some great clients over many years. We just want to share some wonderful news about them.

  • One of JaM’s key services and core strength is providing in-depth insights about US consumers as part of product development for Japanese companies doing business globally. They include global brands like Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in a wide range of consumer products, Subaru’s Outback, and Yamaha’s Helm Master (introduced in November 2012). We offer customized field and ethnographic research specifically for Japanese companies, and we believe our ability to effectively explain the US consumer mindset and culture to them is unmatched. Product development ranges from three, five, to ten years so we are always thrilled to see the final products when they go on the market.
  • Aside from manufacturers, Japan’s first major social media site mixi launched their new smartphone app, “nohana” in February 2013, which is a family-centered photo book maker built with privacy and security in mind. Ten days after its launch, they gained an impressive 18,000 registered users. We were involved in its conceptual development to help create a new type of family-based social media service.
  • We have also been working over the past year with All Nippon Airways (ANA), who has thanked JaM for our recommendations. They have since executed and achieved great results in their social media operations. Being actual passengers on ANA flights, we are always amazed and grateful for their quick implementation of suggestions.
  • Finally, we are supporting Toshiba’s “Smart Community” global branding initiative, by operating various social media channels, with Facebook as the main focus. Our role has started from strategy development to execution, providing insights from alternative communications.

At JaM, we love to work with companies and brands that we truly believe in, and help them succeed through our services. By sharing common values and goals, we work as a single team with clients, and our ultimate joy is to celebrate their achievements together.