We have been helping our client with social media and content marketing of Toshiba Smart Community over the last two years to the global market. As of this year, we are seeing more and more case studies of its development and deployment. This video shows what the island of Miyakojima (Okinawa Prefecture) is doing to become self-sufficient for its energy needs:

• Recharging Stations Using MEV (Micro-sized Electric Vehicles)
• 100% Self-Supporting Renewable Energy on Kurimajima Island
• Miyakojima Island-wide EMS (Energy Management System) Demonstration

Video: Toshiba Smart Community Case Study: Miyako Island, Okinawa, Energy Management System
Toshiba YouTube Brand Channel 

This universal model by Miyakojima could help other islands around the world achieve energy self-sufficiency and help reduce carbon emissions. Toshiba’s advanced technologies and solutions that truly help people and the planet are highly regarded, and we at JaM feel privileged to be helping them expand into the global market.